Bankstown Personal Trainers offer the highest level of Personal Fitness Coaching in Bankstown area. Whether your goal is Weight Loss, Body Toning, Nutrition Programming, Increased Energy, Improve Flexibility, Increased Fitness, Injury Rehabilitation or to just To Feel Healthier then a Bankstown Personal Trainer can help you get into the best shape of your life.


"Every day do something that will inch you closer to a better tomorrow"
Doug Firebaugh

We use the power of One on One Personal Training and combine it with the most cutting edge Tabata Intervals to produce a results-effective program anyone can do to lose weight, tone up and get fit.

There are no shortcuts when you use a Bankstown Fitness Training Program. Our programs are extensive and cover: dynamic postural assessments, fitness assessments, nutritional and meal planning, home exercise programs, food preparation and shopping tours, personal lifestyle development, addressing muscle imbalances, injury rehabilitation, corrective exercise, hormonal imbalances, detoxification and cleansing and many more aspects of health and fitness which need to be addressed on a person to person basis.

We hire and train only the very best Bankstown personal trainers available and they all specialise in certain areas. Our mentorship program is second to none and our testing criteria and standards are very high. Our vision is to build a leaner, fitter and healthier community and our mission is to provide you with the most effective goal-orientated health and fitness solution possible using the best team possible.

We have a Code Of Honour that determines the way we treat and respect our clients and it does not include the below:

Using improper Exercise Technique and putting you at risk of injury by doing exercises completely wrong.

Pushing Supplements on you.

Being on the phone, talking with other members, not paying attention to you while they are suppose to be training you.

Inadequately Addressing Nutrition which makes it very hard to near impossible to achieve results.

Making Judgments about you without trying to understand your real needs.

Treating you like a number, with no passion, energy or motivation and only being concerned about the pay check.

We pride ourselves on our customer service and people skills and do unto others what we like to done unto us.

Here's what a Bankstown Health Club & Personal Trainer will do for you:

Weight Loss - The reason we use the term weight loss instead of fat loss is because the average person recognises this term more readily. In actual fact we are trying to maintain lean body mass (muscle) while shedding body fat. So we are not trying to reduce muscle weight just body fat weight. Using our water formula, nutrition education home program and home exercise program coupled with our one on one and home exercise plans you will shed more calories in a week that you ever dreamed possible. Most of our clients come to us for weight loss so we have a wealth of experience in this area and we are striving to be the premiere Bankstown weight loss solution.

Flatten Your Stomach - Did you know that working your lower abs before your upper abs or oblique's increases the effectiveness to target the abdominal's as a whole by more than 70%. Once you have a developed the muscles in the correct sequence it is now time to try our 'meltdown' training principle for shedding stubborn body fat which involves tabata intervals and dynamic functional training within a circuit environment to take off that layer of fat which is hiding your six-pack.

Reduce Your Thighs - Don't let anyone tell that doing cycle classes won't bulk up your legs (I speak mainly to women) when I say this. Heavy resistance on the legs and thighs from any stimulus whether it be a cycle class, heavy squats or lunges can (I'm not saying "will") cause you to feel like your jeans are getting tighter. You see every single person is different and I've dealt with literally thousands of female clients over my 20+ years of PT and one misconception that a lot of fitness expert say is that women cannot build lean muscle because they don't have the testosterone or natural growth hormone to build muscle like men do. I beg to differ, and I know first hand that if a woman has a predisposition for having a 'pear' shaped physique meaning she carries weight around her thighs naturally and if her legs are one of her stronger body parts then she can definitely bulk her legs questions asked. We do a simple lower body - fat to muscle ratio test which gives us a good indication what type of training a certain person needs and we adjust peoples program accordingly. For example, we ask that these people go shallower on their squats, use less weight and do them a little faster which all helps them get "in-tighter" and not "out-tighter" as I like to term it.

Muscle Toning - Toning a muscle is really developing the muscle underneath so it's nice and firm and then losing the body fat on top. Coming from a physique conditioning background, there is a huge difference between muscle definition and muscle separation. In terms of separation a lot of it is genetically defined, but our programs are built around the process of producing tight and defined muscles. Believe it or not, one area people fall short on their quest for muscle toning or conditioning is the area of REST and HEALING. There is passive rest and active rest and our programs are constructed to keep you improving by using different stimuluses and different intensities so you don't plateau.

Increase Fitness Levels - A combination of boot camp, boxing and kickboxing plus dynamic functional exercise in a super circuit environment with tabata intervals will have you at levels of fitness that you never knew you could ever reach. I've represented Australia and know what it takes to be at the elite level. All our programs are structured around drastically improving your fitness. You will feel better than you have in years.

Create a Fun Environment to Workout In - There's one thing to workout when you really can't be bothered but there's another when you actually enjoy your workouts. Consistency being the key, we strive to make our workouts fun, light-hearted but still challenging at the same time. We realise that your program is far more effective when you actually look forward to working out.

Show you What Exercises are Best for you and the Proper Technique in doing them - A fitness trainer Bankstown will design a program that is specific to your goals, which will fit into your busy lifestyle and which will produce the best results based on your goals. We pride ourselves on absolutely perfect technique and I've personally worked with some of the top fitness gurus in Australia and overseas in learning the latest results-based training techniques. I was fortunate enough last year to help co-compile my very first published book called Switched-On Health and Well-Being Professionals. Every person needs to know what to do and how to do it and the easiest way to an injury is performing an exercise incorrectly.

       See how a Personal Trainer Bankstown compares to some other options:

We find that the No.1 Reason people do not reach their goals is because they are INCONSISTENT. Personal Trainers Bankstown Programs have been designed to keep people accountable and showing up. We use a massive variety of exercises from our exclusive private studio and most of all we make training fun.

Personal Trainers in Bankstown are all Professionally Qualified, Certified with Fitness Australia, Certified Boxing and Kick boxing Instructors, Certified Group Exercise and Bootcamp Instructors, Fully Registered and Insured Fitness Professionals and Weight Loss Coaches. If your browsing around for a Bankstown Fitness Trainer give us a try and you won't be disappointed.

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